Dog Licensing

All residents are required by law to license their dogs.

Dog licensing benefits our community by:

-Dog licenses can be traced around the clock to decrease impounds as the officer or CSO may be able to return the dog to the owner directly, eliminating the need to take the dog to the shelter.

-Ensuring dogs have their current rabies vaccination, protecting pet owners and their animals by tracking dangerous and aggressive dogs and habitual offender of animal laws.

How to obtain a dog license:

Dog licenses are obtained by stopping by the Police Department, providing owner information, vaccination information, and a description of the dog. Tags are issued for the duration of the vaccination period.

Dog License Fees:

$10 per dog. If spayed or neutered, or under 12 months of age, licenses are $2 per dog.

License Renewals:

Renewals are needed at the expiration of the vaccination period. All licenses expire December 31 of the current year.