City of Fort Lupton 
 City Council Agenda 
Regular Meeting
January 7, 2019 
7:00 p.m.
130 South McKinley Avenue




Pledge of Allegiance


Call to Order - Roll Call


Persons to Address Council

This portion of the Agenda is provided to allow members of the audience to present comments to the City Council.  The City Council may not respond to your comments this evening, rather they may take your comments and suggestions under advisement or your question may be directed to the appropriate staff member for follow-up.  Please limit the time of your comments to five (5) minutes - Mayor Stieber 

Approval of Agenda


Review of Accounts Payables


01072019 Accounts Payable


Consent Agenda

Consent Agenda items are considered to be routine and will be enacted by one motion and vote.  There will be no separate discussion of Consent Agenda items unless a Councilmember so requests, in which case the item may be removed from the Consent Agenda and considered at the end of the Consent Agenda. 

12172018 City Council Meeting Minutes


Second Reading Ordinance 2018-1037 Annexing Land Legally Described in Exhibit "A" Known as the Zadel Annexation Nos. 1-6 and Approving the Annexation Agreement


Second Reading Ordinance 2018-1038 Initially Zoning Land Known as the JZM LLC Rezoning, Legally Described in Exhibit A to the I-1 Light Industrial Zone District and 'A' Agricultural Zone District


AM 2019-001 Designating the City Complex, 130 S. McKinley Ave., as the Public Place for Posting Notices of Public City Meetings in Accordance with the Open Meetings Law


AM 2019-002 Approving a Resolution Ratifying the Mayor's Appointment of Lynne Derby as a Member of the Board of Adjustment for a Three (3) Year Term Beginning January 7, 2019 and Expiring on January 7, 2022


AM 2019-003 Approving a Resolution Appointing Beth Block to the Historic Preservation Board for a Three (3) Year Term to Expire January 7, 2022


AM 2019-005 Approving an Agreement with CGI Communications Inc. to Create and Provide Chapter Videos About the City of Fort Lupton


AM 2019-009 Adopt Ordinance 2019-xxx Amending Chapter 7, Article XI and Article X of the Fort Lupton Municipal Code


AM 2019-006 Authorizing the Mayor's Signature for Real Estate Conveyance


Action Memorandum


AM 2019-004 Approval of the Subdivision Improvements Agreement with Fulton Village LLC


AM 2019-007 Approve Change Order #2 to Contract with L7L Enterprises LLC for Historic Park Way Utility Project for not to Exceed $11,700 Allocated from the Street Fund Projects Reallocation


AM 2019-008 SWAT Memorandum of Understanding with the Weld County Sheriff's Office


Staff Reports


Mayor/Council Reports


Future City Events


01072019 Upcoming Events