City of Fort Lupton 
 City Council Agenda 
Regular Meeting
October 7, 2019 
7:00 p.m.
130 South McKinley Avenue




Pledge of Allegiance


Call to Order - Roll Call


Persons to Address Council

This portion of the Agenda is provided to allow members of the audience to present comments to the City Council.  The City Council may not respond to your comments this evening, rather they may take your comments and suggestions under advisement or your question may be directed to the appropriate staff member for follow-up.  Please limit the time of your comments to three (3) minutes - Mayor Stieber 

Approval of Agenda


Review of Accounts Payables


10072019 Accounts Payable


Consent Agenda

Consent Agenda items are considered to be routine and will be enacted by one motion and vote.  There will be no separate discussion of Consent Agenda items unless a Councilmember so requests, in which case the item may be removed/moved from the Consent Agenda.  

09032019 City Council Meeting Minutes


Second Reading Ordinance 2019-1062 Annexing Land Legally Described in Exhibit 'A' Known as the Parton Annexation and Approving the Annexation Agreement


Second Reading Ordinance 2019-1063 Initially Zoning Land Known as the Parton Initial Zoning


Second Reading Ordinance 2019-1064 Annexing Land Legally Described in Exhibit A Known as the MP Annexation


Second Reading Ordinance 2019-1065 Initially Zoning Land Known as the MP Initial Zoning


AM 2019-186 Toshiba Renewal 39 Month Lease for an Amount not to Exceed $1,019 per Month


AM 2019-188 Approve Submittal of the Application for Exclusion from the 5.5% Limit of Assessed Valuation Attributed to New Primary Oil or Gas Production and Ratify the Council's Signatures on the Application


AM 2019-190 Ratifying the City Administrator's Signature Authorizing the City's Water Attorney to File an Objection to Lochbuie Water Court Case 2019CW3148


AM 2019-192 Approve a Lease Agreement with TCF National Bank as the Lender for the Purchase of Toro Fleet of Mowers from LL Johnson Distributing Company and Authorize the Mayor to Sign


AM 2019-194 Authorizing Approval of the Fifth Amendment to the Fifth Interim Agreement for the Windy Gap Firming Project for an Additional $167,843 Payable in 2020 from the Water Sales Tax Fund


AM 2019-195 Permit Application to Change, Alter or Modify Licensed Premises Submitted by Silver Moon LLC dba Silver Moon Bar and Cafe Located at 334 Main Street


Action Memorandum


AM 2019-185 Approve a Resolution Appointing Christopher Cross as the City Administrator for the City of Fort Lupton


AM 2019-193 Approve a Resolution of of the Fort Lupton City Council Acting as the Fort Lupton Utility Enterprise Board Modifying the Cash-In-Lieu Raw Water Requirement for Industrial and Commercial Construction


AM 2019-187 Approve a Resolution Accepting an Annexation Petition for the Highway 160 Partnership Annexation Submitted by Highway 160 General Partnership LLP and to Set a Public Hearing Date for December 2, 2019


AM 2019-189 Service Plan Extension for Cottonwood Greens Metropolitan District No. 1


AM 2019-191 Approval of the Amendment to Subdivision Improvements Agreement for Mountain Sky Subdivision with FL Mountain Sky LLC


Information Memorandum


IM 2019-002 Presentation of the 2020 Financial Plan and Six Year Capital Improvement Program


Staff Reports


Mayor/Council Reports


Future City Events


10072019 Upcoming Events